Proposing Legislative Changes

The Public Affairs Committee of the Oregon State Bar encourages bar groups to be involved in the legislative process.  During the legislative session, sections and committees are encouraged to provide technical analysis on key bills relating to their particular areas of expertise. This includes reviewing proposed legislation or crafting amendments for internal consistency and consistency with existing law, suggesting technical changes to better address the intent of the drafters, and preparing summaries and commentaries.  Assistance from bar groups is valuable to legislators because the analysis is more objective than comments from proponents of a bill.

If you are a member of the Family Law Section of the Oregon State Bar and you would like to propose a statutory change or improvement in an upcoming legislative session, please use the form below to provide theFamily Law Executive Committee with your suggestions. Please bear in mind that two of the main criteria for the Public Affairs Committee approval of a section or committee proposal are (1) whether the proposal represents a consensus of the interests within a particular group, and (2) whether the proposal is a balanced public interest response to the issues at hand. For more information on the Bar’s policy on these issues, please review the OSB Bylaws, Article 12, Legislation and Public Policy.

Legislative Proposal (example)


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